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The World is constantly changing, and most law firms have failed to adapt.  Here, we are changing the way things get done.  Starting from your free initial consultation until the conclusion of your case we are streamlining the process and making the bankruptcy process more accessible to our clients.  With our firm you will enjoy:

  • Your method of consultation (in office, via phone, or via video conference) *

  • Ability to electronically sign documents*

  • Access to a Client Portal to easily upload documents*

  • Flat Fee pricing with no hidden fees or "administrative costs"

If you are looking for a law firm that has the experience to help you in a changing world, contact us. We offer free initial consultations and will provide the directions you need to find financial freedom.

*To comply with court rules, prior to filing your case an in office or video conference meeting must occur.  Additionally, your "wet signature" will be needed on some court filings. 


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During your free initial consultation, an attorney will ask about your financial situation and make a recommendation on whether bankruptcy can help you.  Additionally, your attorney will go over the various bankruptcy chapters and explain the bankruptcy filing process in Kentucky.

Other firms have one goal when you schedule a consultation:  To get you to pay a retainer fee. 

Our firm is different. Our goal is that at the conclusion of your consultation you are better informed about your finances and bankruptcy.  During your consultation you will learn about the types of bankruptcies, whether bankruptcy will help you, the cost of filing, and answers to any of your bankruptcy questions, all with no pressure to retain our firm.  


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