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Regardless of whether you're a landlord or tenant, it's important to remember both parties have rights, responsibilities, obligations, and protections under the law.  If you are a landlord or a tenant and fail to follow the terms of your lease or the law you could potentially face fines, eviction and civil litigation.  Landlord-tenant Law goes beyond simple contract law dealing specifically with the Landlord-Tenant relationship.  Do not handle the situation alone.  Call my office today.


  • Lease Agreement / Rental Agreement: Drafting lease agreements needs to be done competently and effectively to avoid any future issues.


  • Breach Lease/Rental Agreement: If your landlord or tenant is not abiding by the terms of the lease you may have legal recourse.


  • Eviction: Evictions must be done properly or you risk losing your case and wasting time and money.


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